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Anniversary Gift for Her - Anniversary gift for Him - Rustic Wood - I May Not Be Your First © - Romantic Anniversary Gift - 5th Anniversary


He might only be here for a part of your life, but for him, you are his whole life | Remember that people. Dogs are forever, not until you get tired of them. They are alot of work, but they give you unconditional love. They deserve the same in return!


The dog to my farts The vodka in my lemonade The toilet paper by my toilet The signature in my restraining order The red light I'm going to run for The homeland security in my flight The DMV on my birthday


Celebrate with Beers! Happy Birthday Card. Raise a glass to your friends and family on their birthdays! This bright card is a fun, humorous way to say "Happy Birthday" to the birthday boys and girls in your life. Three foam-topped glasses of beer and bright-colored pendants are a great way to celebrate birthdays for the adults you know! Send this bright blue card to your brother or best friend and then take them out later for a real celebratory drink!

from Etsy

Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend or Girlfriend - Rustic Sign - Anniversary Gift for Him or Her - Unique Anniversary - You are my


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!, This is my special gift for you. I would like to give all those presents in person. Think about it how that would be. Enjoy!!!! Please remember....... If you are ready for it, you can always excange it for real! (3h away) With al my love! Delight.