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Sommer Ahoi! Mit diesen #funships kommt Tropenfeeling auf! Heiße Tage. Schicke Nächte. So sieht Jetset Urlaub in der Karibik aus. Und nirgends ist es exklusiver als auf St. Barths – dort tummeln sich die Schönen. Deine Eintrittskarte in die edlen Kreise: die neuen essie Tropical Lights natürlich!

The Psychology of Color -PositiveMed | Positive Vibrations in Health

Primo Basílio - Eça de Queiroz O Crime do Padre Amaro - Eça de Queiroz Meu pé de laranja Lima - José M. Vasconcelos Madame Bovary - Flaubert Se houver amanhã- Sidney Sheldon Escola de Mulheres- Moliére Tartufo- Moliére A Dama das Camélias- Alexandre Dumas A mulher de 30 anos- Balzac O amor nos tempos do cólera - Gabriel G. Marquez Ana Karenina- Tolstói Etc.


How to Choose the Perfect Color — The Feng Shui Way

"Keep the following in mind as a guide, but always remember to tap into your own mind, body, spirit needs and goals as well as your own visceral reaction to each color," says Benko. RED — Acts as a stimulator. ORANGE — Uplifting color that promotes happiness. YELLOW/GOLD — Symbolizes power, stimulates health, patience and wisdom. GREEN — Represents growth and new beginnings, as well as healing and freshness. BLUES-GREENS — Represent youth, new beginnings and inspire confidence. DEEPER…

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Color Happy 116

Sweet #SpringColors Inspiration. White, Peach, Pink, Yellow, Turquuoise, Green. We can select your #PaintColors form any piece of art or fabric.