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Cute French Canadian Halloween song I taught when teaching the kids of Canadians at NORAD: As-tu vu dans la rue, La sorcière toute bossue, Son balai sous les jambes, Elle volait vers la lune, Elle cria : Rouille, Gribouille ! Me changea en citrouille (Have you seen in the street, the witch, all hunched over, her broom between her legs, she was flying towards the moon, she cried out, Rouille Gribouille, (and) turned me into a pumpkin!)


This week the ladies hosting #OurGratefulHome want to see our #fallkitchen decor. I received this precious "Thankful" sign in the mail yesterday from @charlie.and.ella, so I had to use it right away. It ended up on my kitchen counter with my vintage scale, a couple of pumpkins, and my cotton stems from @paintedfox1, and I love it! Yay for happy mail!