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from Time-Warp Wife

For His Family

Thank you.Much appreciated! You do all you can for us here at home❤️your doing such a good job, none of it gets unnoticed!❤️❤️❤️


One of the hardest things about supporting a husband with his career is figuring out how to help him when things at work get hard. When the stress starts to mount and he feels overwhelmed, what can you do? I mean, it’s not like you can go to his workplace and do his work for him, right? Or march in there and tell-off that jerk of a boss? Even though you really, really wish you could!Read More »


Thank You God for all the stress and weight my husband carries for me and our family. Help me to love him better by appreciating him, encouraging him, and finding ways to lighten his load.

from I Can Teach My Child!

Handprint Work Gloves and Poem for Father's Day

Perfect Fathers Day Gift for a hard-working dad...both practical and sentimental. My husband is going to love this!


I am so proud of my boyfriend. He is the most amazing man on earth. He works so hard, and still manages to be the best at everything he does. All of his accomplishments have been earned by himself, NO ONE has given him a boost or hand out- Not many men can say this. He's truly one of a kind. #PROUD #GIRLFRIEND :)


It’s time we mothers square away our relationship with the green stuff. It isn’t a living thing; it's just money. After we take charge over where it goes, let’s work to keep its power in our lives as limited as it should be.