Infographic of the current 2016 Mobile VR Headsets available for sale to consumers. Feel free to use but please give credit – Infographic courtesy of Groove Jones – Downloadable PDF File GrooveJones-MobileVRHeadsetChecklist Downloadable PDF (1920 x 6500 image) Downloadable PDF File GrooveJones-MobileVRHeadsetChecklist Want to get in touch? Contact us anytime.

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Tennessee Aquarium to use new virtual reality gear to promote virtual river conservation | Life - Entertainment | Times Free Press

Tennessee Aquarium to use new virtual reality gear to promote virtual river conservation | Life - Entertainment | Times Free Press

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Virtualine is a leading Network and System Integrator of the Piedmont Area, Italy and is specialized both in server, storage, desktop virtualization and system integration with a special expertise in Linux, Windows and all major email/collaboration, security, network management applications. We design and implement network architectures and systems and resell both hardware and software products as part of value added solutions.

Kernel based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a Linux kernel infrastructure for virtualization and runs on x86 hardware with the hardware virtualization techniques from Intel (VT) or AMD (AMD-V) like Virtualization Capable Processors and on the System z architecture.

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OpenVZ is container-based virtualization, whereas KVM is a hardware virtualization technology. Comparing them head to head as OpenVZ vs KVM is actually impractical from theoretical point of view

We can port your existing fax numbers and users to our cloud fax service and provide you with virtual private access so you so you can eliminate your onsite software, hardware, maintenance and staffing requirements.

Virtual Machine or VM is run through a software emulation or hardware virtualization or both to run programs like that on a real physical computer.

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This was an exciting year for webinars at The Linux Foundation! Our topics ranged from network hardware virtualization to Microsoft Azure to container security and open source automotive, and members of the community tuned in from almost every corner of the globe. The following are the top 5 Linux Foundation webinars of 2016: Getting Started with OpenStack No More Excuses: Why you Need to Get Certified Now

Containerization is an approach to virtualization in which apps and all their components are packaged up and compartmentalized but share a common operating system environment. Since containers share a single OS kernel, they are much more efficient than full hardware virtualization. Containers introduce a revolutionary way to make applications portable and at the same time decrease their virtualization costs by orders of magnitude.

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