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The mystery of the missing Last Spike

The mystery of the missing Last Spike: Ten years after former prime minister Stephen Harper was presented the historic Last Spike, the commemorative iron has gone missing. (Toronto Star 02 April 2016)


Legal community demands Stephen Harper withdraw criticism of Beverley McLachlin

Legal community demands Stephen Harper withdraw criticism of Beverley McLachlin An outraged Canadian legal community is marshalling criticis...


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Why Harper corrupted the Senate. He saw he had no choice as he was facing the gravest threat to his reign as PM. He was saddled with a minority government & the NDP, Bloc & Liberals were threatening a coalition to end his rule. He quickly prorogued parliament, realized the Senate would likely approve a coalition & opted for a rare move to appoint 18 senators just before Christmas, 2008. Harper saw how useful the Senate could be in his retaining power & creating a permanent ruling Con party.

Elodie Harper, una gran alumna de Stephen King -


Nude portrait of Stephen Harper, sex-themed exhibit turning heads in Ottawa

Oh dear lord it's Emperor Harper in his new clothes. About the only thing transparent in his domain.

SummerSlam 2015 Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar John Cena vs Seth Rollins, Sheamus vs Randy Orton, Cesaro vs Kevin Owen, Dolph Ziggler w/Lana vs Rusev w/Summer Rae, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs Luke Harper & Bray Wyatt, Team Bad vs Team PCB vs Team Bella, Prime Time Player vs Lucha Dragon vs Los Matadores w/El Torito vs New Day w/Xavier Wood, Ryback vs Miz vs Big Show, Neville & Stephen Amell vs Stardust & Wade Bwrrett


Bill C-304: Hate Speech Clause's Repeal Gives White Supremacists Rare Moment Of Glee - Harper makes it easier to hate Moslems, just like @EzraLevant

'Rogue Page' Brigette DePape protests the Conservative government during the Speech from the Throne (2011)

from Taringa!

Stephen Amell - el sexy robin hood moderno

Arrow: Stephen Amell (Oliver), David Ramsey (Diggle), Colton Haynes (Roy)