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A 13th-century book illustration produced in Baghdad by al-Wasiti showing a group of pilgrims on a hajj

Harun al-Rashid receiving a delegation of Charlemagne in Baghdad, by Julius Köckert (1864).

Map of the Muslim expansion and the Muslim world under the Umayyad and early Abbasid caliphates

Harun al-Rashid: Abbasid Caliph during the Golden Age of Islam; during his reign, Baghdad was the greatest city in the world


Harun Al-Rashid, painting by Shakir Hasan Al-Said, Baghdad, 1950s هارون الرشيد، لوحة برسم شاكر حسن السعيد، بغداد، الخمسينات

Water jug presented to Charlemagne (742-814) by Harun al-Rashid (c.766-809) (cloisonne enamel) Title: Byzantine Primary creator: Treasury of the Abbey of Saint-Maurice, Valais, Switzerland Location: Giraudon Credit: cloisonne enamel Medium: 5th Abbassid Caliph of Baghdad;