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Sleeping alone is not something I could get used to! Our bed is so lonely without my love there.


This is cute .. And sooooo true!!! I hate sleeping alone when my husbands out of town but I'm use to it since he's been traveling for nine years!


....I am in the most beautiful romantic hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia....alone. I missed you enough already, and NOW, it is painful.... Off to river raft the Soca river and hike in the Julian Alps tomorrow...I am so excited! Home soon my love I love and miss you! Im so sorry your sad!!!! I love you and can't wait for you to be back. I will live it in your eyes when you return.......


Damn, those words are scary Those words are scary, Virgin Mary <3 I said I'd rather be with you But you are not around So I'ma call somebody up And see if they be down Cause I hate sleeping alone I hate sleeping alone How dare you tell me it's tougher for you Like I don't hear about the niggas you fuckin with too And whoever I be with they got nothin' on you