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You missed bitch, try again. Meme vintage 1950's ecards haters funny

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I don't have this problemo anymore but yeah I've had those days at previous jobs

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my new goodbye phrase

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Haha every time felicia stalks my boards and facebook and envies my love Big Spoon♡ and my beautifully perfect babies ♡♡♡♡♡♡ and my lovies ♡♡♡

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Las Vegas Funny Pictures (06:10:05 AM, Tuesday 21, June 2016 PDT) – 60 pics

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Haters gonna hate.

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I keeps it real

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Some people are a human version of migraine. -

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Exactly what I thought about telling Kristi Dupree Ashley who stalks me for Tiffany. You can read about the situation on my Stepmom blog.

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Im fabulous she says! Even though I find this funny it would not be funny in my real world. It is not right to hurt others no matter how pretty or rich you are.

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