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The last scheduled steam-hauled passenger trains on the British Railways’ network ran between Liverpool Exchange and Preston in July and into August 1968. By that time the motive power tended to be in a poor condition, as illustrated by this Class 5MT (Black 5) at Liverpool Exchange heading a Glasgow train during the last days of steam. The steam locomotive would have hauled the train only as far as Preston where a diesel would take over. Photo by Chris the Edge Hill signalman from his…

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A flight from Detroit to San Diego this month became a total drag, literally, as a professor from the University of Michigan caused a bizarre disturbance and had to be forcefully hauled off the aircraft by police. Passengers were astonished at the behavior of Rhima Coleman of Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the Delta flight that […]

BO EMC #50, is one of five experimental 1,800 hp passenger diesel locomotives built by EMC in 1935. They were the first non-articulated diesels to work on US main line railroads. #50 hauled B&O's first diesel-powered Royal Blue service until the EA/EB units were introduced in 1937. In 1938, #50 was transferred to the Chicago & Alton and then became #1200 under the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad. It was retired in 1958 and donated to the museum. | ALCo-hauled through Deepor Beel wetland near Guwahati | 55611 Dhubri-Kamakhya passenger running far before the schedule passing through the Deepor Beel behind Malda Town based WDM3A 16524R

spriteinthecity: landscapearchitecture: The entrance to the Tower Subway - the first ‘tube’ line in the world. It ran under the Thames but was only open for a few months. (via Misc)

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Our Gallery: Diesel Era Giants

Until 1940s, no fast full-size passenger train could be successfully hauled by a diesel-electric locomotive (electric locos are another story). Hence the need for streamline steam monsters, and the Pennsylvania Railroad T1 duplex drive engines were not only the largest – they cried out loud: “Tomorrow is already here!”

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New York Central Steam Locomotive # 5405 - Many steam locomotive types are associated with a particular railroad. In the case of the 4-6-4, the railroad was the New York Central. They were beautiful and fast; and for nearly three decades, they hauled famous passenger trains up the four-track water level route, North from New York City, along the scenic Hudson River for which they were named.

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09/27/1825 - George Stephenson operated the first locomotive that hauled a passenger train. Portait of George Stephenson, circa 1830. George Stephenson (9 June 1781 – 12 August 1848) was an English civil engineer and mechanical engineer who built the first public inter-city railway line in the world to use steam locomotives, the Liverpool and Manchester Railway which opened in 1830.

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7949 Locomotive, steam, No. 1, hauled the first passenger train in New South Wales in 1855, made by Robert Stephenson and Company, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, 1854 - Powerhouse Museum Collection