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How to Get Havasupai Falls Reservations / Permits + More Tips

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Backpacking to Havasupai is one trip I’ll never forget. I spent three days climbing up and down the red sandy hills of the Grand Canyon, swimming in the blue-green water of the Havasu Creek and hanging out with 23 awesome individuals. I have been itching to see the magical falls of Havasupai since last year. When I got invited by a fellow adventurer, I gladly said YES

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Havasu Falls Travel Tips, Havasupai Reservation, Arizona

Havasu Falls & Havasupai Canyon - Can only be reached by a 10-mile hike or by taking a helicopter. Have never wanted to visit the Grand Canyon until now

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First time experience backpacking to Havasupai Falls and gear that may help you plan for your trip

Going to Havasupai? Check out what you need and what you need to make your trip successful!

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Havasu Falls Camping Guide: Planning your Havasupai Backpacking Trip

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Havasu Falls Camping Guide: Planning your Havasupai Backpacking Trip

Havasu Falls Camping Guide: Everything you need to know. A couple of weekends ago, I visited the Havasupai Indian Reservation. MIND. BLOWN. I knew it was going to be cool, but I didn’t realize how incredibly magical it was going to be...

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Bucket List Worthy: Backpacking Havasupai

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havasupai falls map, been here with my friend Amy Johnson. It was a memorable hike, for sure.

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