The Truth About Having a Third Child (some humorous truths about the having the first and second as well)

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Thinking of having a third child? Here's what you need to know.

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“Look at the long-term. This time feels so long, but it is so much shorter than you think. You will never regret the time you put into your children.”

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3 Reasons Why You Can Totally Handle a Third Baby 1. By the time you have three kids, you actually believe that “this too shall pass.” 2. If you accomplish ANYTHING, you feel like Mother of the Year. And I mean ANYTHING. 3. [Newborn + 2 older kids] is easier than [Newborn + 1 older kid].

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Having a third child changes everything. Here's the honest (and humorous) truth about what it's like when you add a third baby to your family.

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Three Children is a Bad Idea (and why we're doing it anyway) If you make a pro/con list about whether or not you should have a third child, I guarantee you the answer will be no. I know, because I actually wrote that list.

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Having a Third Child - Why I Decided To Have More Children...great article. Makes me want more!

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Few people want to buy a new car just because they had a third child. But once the number of children you have exceeds your total number of arms, trying to fit them all safely into your car or SUV starts make those minivans look pretty appealing.

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