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OMFG..... How did you know? Sitting next to 1 of em right now...... Fucking HATE people.... And trust me, talkin to him does me NO good, at the same time, gets mad @ ME when I dont tell him whats wrong.... Hypocrite much? And people wonder why I stay home, have no friends or family to speak of, am a fucking bitch & hate everybody.....


Depressed quotes Left out of life. Left out of any kind of normal relationship,


I can't wait to die I literally have no friends and never will no matter how hard I try


I hate to feel this way about people but it just is how things are right now! No matter how hard I try, the people I thought were "friends" just do not feel the same way. I would rather have no friends then feel like I am not wanted


Im that friend that listens to everyones problems but once I have a problem theres no one to talk to

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It is better to be yourself and have no friends than to be like your friends and have no self

Best quote!!! I have NO friends...but in the end I'm happier with being me and am loving life!


I wonder how long I could just stay off social media and have no contact before they would notice I disappeared. Nobody ever notices anyway. Most of what I do is accidentally annoy people, why would anyone notice. ~AnOnYmOuS