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Hawaii Weather In October

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How to Pack 16 Days in a Carry On (Exploring My Style)

I left for Hawaii over the weekend and I wanted to share my packing list. I'll be in Hawaii for 9 days and in the Bay Area for 5 days. I tried to pack for both the warm weather of the island and co


Halong Bay is one of the world's natural wonders and is the most beautiful tourist destination of Vietnam #getaway


When factoring weather, costs and low crowds, October is one of the best months to visit Hawaii. Let's examine the details showing why October is an excellent month for a Hawaii vacation. What’s Hawaii’s weather like in October? After Hawaii's warmest months of August and September, October...


What’s the weather in Hawaii like? Hawaii’s weather is mild all year round with temperatures ranging from 75F to 88F. The months of April – September tend to have less rain than the months of October – March.

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The 21 Most Magical Spots In Hawaii


Using the words aloha and mahalo are very common and used loosely throughout day to day. Aloha means hello/goodbye, and mahalo means thank you. It is important to pronounce them correctly without offending a local when speaking to them. Accepting and wearing a lei when presented one is very important as well. Never take it off in the presence of the person who gave it to you.