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In chapter 2 on page 7, the word "Hazara" was used as a derogatory term, towards Hassan. The Hazara are a oppressed group of people living in Afghanistain.


The Hazara people are an ethnic group located mainly in central Afghanistan. There are also small groups living in Iran and Pakistan. They are believed to be the descendants of Genghis Khan’s army. The word Hazara is believed to have steamed from the word ‘Hazar’ Which in Persian means thousand (refuring to the Mongol military).


This young Hazara boy was photographed in Kabul, Afghanistan. This child is one of hundreds of millions of children in the world who work in factories, fields, mines, and quarries. McCurry


Hazara PeopleHazara people are a turkic ethnic group living in Afghanistan. There are also Hazara communities in  Pakistan, Iran, India, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Hazara people have faced genocide and violence often having to flee from there homeland in Afghanistan.


Hazaragi girl wearing traditional jewellery | ©Khalil Sarathoos............ Hazaragi (Persian: هزارگی) is a dialect of the Persian language, more precisely a part of the Dari dialect continuum (one of the main languages of Afghanistan), .