Headache top of head

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Clients come in and touch the top of their head saying, “I have a headache on the top of my head.” They almost always lean forward with their chin up and turned to one side while talkin…

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Tension Trouble? A bird's nest on top usually means the upper thread tension is too tight; bird's nest on bottom, upper tension too loose.

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Eliminating these triggers will greatly reduce your migraines. Find out which ones to try and why.

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Did you know that deficiency of magnesium can lead to several health ...Here are top 35 Magnesium Rich Foods You Should Include In Your Diet.

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Those who follow the Theory of Relativity may be aware of the Expanding universe, that is The universe is expanding every second, with no boundary! Hubble developed a system to calculate the expans...

5HTP - has been said to help migraines. On 9/15/14 I started taking one that has valerian root in it. GOAL: see if my serotonin levels and tension can be causing migraines. Try valerian root on its own.

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