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Healing Oils of the Bible. LOVE this book! It has so much information and really sheds light on the history of essential oils and how healing they really are! Stay tuned for my ORGANIC line of essential oils, "King's Medicine" coming out this May! #draxe #essentialoils #essentialoilbenefits #essentialoilsinbible


Healing with Scriptures and Soaking Glory to God Amen, God your words declares that we have not because we ask not and that the words that we speak can cause life or death. By the authority that you've given me, I speak, life, health, and peace over my life, over my family,and all who takes the time to listen to this. Thank you Jesus for loving me just as I am.


We don't realize how much our walk with the Lord is determined by our response to correction, rebuke, conviction and teaching. We can be fools or wise people.


Meditative Subliminally read bible verses along with soothing water sounds to aid in the healing of sickness and diseases. Psalm 119:11 "Thy word have I hid ...