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from Sheri Graham

Homemade Chicken Bouillon Powder

I have been buying MSG-free chicken broth powder from the health food store for quite a while now. I use a LOT of chicken powder in my cooking and it was getting rather expensive! So…I went on a hunt to find a recipe to see if I could make my own. Guess what….I found one…and […]

from Mamavation

The Dangers of Eating Canned Soup: Toxic Brands & Better Choices

What's in the soup you are feeding your family and how does your favorite brand match up? What's in the soup you have been feeding your family? Curious. We studied all the major brands to see how they measured up when it comes to GMOs, MSG & BPA. And oh boy, what we found was shocking. Are you eating Campbell's Condensed Soup Progresso Healthy Choice or Wolfgang Puck? We looked into all these brands and a bunch more. And don't worry, we found some good brands to recommend as well!


Maca Cinnamon shots. Looking for something fun, creative and alcohol free this weekend? Try these Young and Raw Maca Cinnamon Shots! Maca is a root, and you can usually you can find it in powder form at your health food store. Maca is a libido booster, mood booster and and an energy enhancer!


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from Today In Dietzville

How To Make An Ashwagandha Tincture

I had been spending big bucks on ashwagandha tinctures at the health food store and on Amazon. Big bucks. And then I had one of those face palm moments. Could I make my own ashwagandha tincture? You bet I could. And I did! And you can too! The simplicity of this process is a no-brainer.


My family has come to have an appreciation for my homemade tinctures, and my husband will request that I overnight one of my homemade tinctures to him when he’s traveling rather than simply finding a local health food store. What I’ve found is while store bought tinctures work well, there’s simply no comparison to the ones made here in our kitchen.

from Skinnytaste

Spicy California Shrimp Stack

Guide to Nuts Infographic  --  found at guide-to-nuts-infographic.html

Guide to Nuts Infographic -- found at guide-to-nuts-infographic.html