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It's so hard when you're trying to be healthier not to feel like it's to "fix" yourself because you were broken or ugly or wrong. No. You're simply choosing to be different, to be healthier, to live longer, to be stronger. It does NOT mean you've been failing up until that point.

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#SizeDoesntMatter as shown beautifully by these woman and their yoga poses. Embrace your curves not matter what you are doing, and that includes hula hooping. :)

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Enough with this "thigh gap" business. Just focus on healthy living, people! Thigh gaps won't help you hit your dead lift PR or help you power through every day tasks. Strong, healthy legs will.

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How To Get A Curvy Body (4 Crucial Steps

How To Get A Curvy Body (Curves, Workouts & Diet) - If you want to get a curvy body then this guide will show you exactly what you need to do. Getting a curvy hourglass figure will require the right approach.. Read More

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L-Arginine 500mg- Doctor Oz recommends to curvy women to help with stomach fat, also apparently good for energy and libido

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Plus Size Moto Jacket

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Think You're Too Heavy to Exercise? - Part 1

This is the first in a three-part series, and we�ll focus here on getting off to a safe yet effective start. via @SparkPeople

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Extra Toning Plan - Best Weight Training Program For Women

Someone needs to learn looking good and being fit isn't about numbers on a scale. My soon to be ex wife always thought she was fat despite getting leaner and stronger. Angry her weight didn't drop as muscle mass went up.

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Curves R beautiful quote big curvy plus size women are beautiful! Body consciousness accept your body real women

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