Kids Kitchen: Free Printable Board Game for Teaching Kids About Healthy Eating. Includes info on how much children should eat from each of the four food groups, and four different ways to play!

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Help kids learn about making healthy food choices with these free printables! Make learning about nutrition fun for kids with these healthy eating activities, all with free printables. These activities are perfect for a school nutrition unit or for families.

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Too much of many foods is not good. Help your child learn what and how much to eat to maintain their health with this nutrition game.

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If you're looking for new ways to up your health game, look no further than here:) Healthy foods:

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Teach kids which foods to eat all of the time (go), sometimes (slow), and once in awhile (whoa) using this handout. We should refer to foods as always, sometimes, or once in awhile instead of saying good or bad foods.

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