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Hearst Tower: The six-story base of the headquarters building was commissioned by the founder, William Randolph Hearst and awarded to the architect Joseph Urban. Originally built as the base for a proposed skyscraper, the construction of the tower was postponed due to the Great Depression. The new tower addition was completed nearly eighty years later, and 2,000 Hearst employees moved in on 4 May 2006.


Hearst Castle, CA, USA. The Enchanted Hill is a National and California Historical Landmark mansion located on the Central Coast of California, United States. It was designed by architect Julia Morgan between 1919 and 1947 for newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, who died in 1951. In 1957, the Hearst Corporation donated the property to the state of California.


Hearst Castle in San Simeon, San Luis Obispo, California. The extravagant castle was built by William Randolph Hearst between 1919-1947.


Hearst Castle, CA, USA - Julia Morgan.~In 1957, the Hearst Corporation donated the property to the state of California. Since that time it has been maintained as a state historic park where the estate, and its considerable collection of art and antiques, is open for public tours. Despite its location far from any urban center, the site attracts about one million visitors per year.


The Hearst Tower in New York City

Hearst Tower on West Street NYC The distinctive triangular panels from which architect Norman Foster formed the façade are highly efficient, using 20 percent less steel than more conventional buildings. The important thing is that the triangular mo


Architect of Beauty - California's First Female Architect

Designed by Julia Morgan, California's first female architect. Her works include: Hearst Castle, the Los Angeles Examiner Building and the Riverside Art Museum. ~ Wyntoon is the name of a private estate in rural Siskiyou County, California. William Randolph Hearst contracted Julia Morgan to design a Bavarian Village at Wyntoon in 1931...


“Summer of Love” in ‘Harper’s Bazaar UK’ with Sara Sampaio, August 2015. Photographer: Emma Tempest. Fashion editor: Florrie Thomas. Hair stylist: Jose Quijano. Copyrights: Hearst Corporation.

EYE , Eye was a large format (10.5" x 13.5") youth culture magazine published by the Hearst Corporation. Only 15 issues were made, from March 1968 - May 1969.