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Well, you forgot. And so has so many others.... You said I was your fucking dream girl...that you would love me forever... I almost fucking let you in, told you my secrets... Then you left me because I told you I'm bisexual. Called me a freak. And know, 1 month later I see you're dating again. You forgot me so easily.... But I'll never forget you, and how you tore my fragile heart to pieces.


my heart's always okay to admit someone broke your heart but it is never okay to allow them to make you a victim, we are stronger than we realize


I already know I will always miss you, my sweet son. Honestly, how could I not miss you?


my heart aches for what will never be... the future we once envisioned for you and I - it will never happen, and it is letting go of this possible future that hurts as much as letting go of you.


My heart aches for you my beloved. That ache will never go away because you are in my heart.... The hurt ache will though. I claim that in faith.


♡☆ ~ Well, Rosie! May 17, 2016~ Two years and eight months today- since I have seen your face. I speak about you every dy and think about you every moment, and love you to the moon and back times 94,986,948,699,489,294,968,879,480,396,848,329,959 times infinity plus four. I love you my love, my sweet child. ~mom


I miss you so much. ...i regret so much.... I will live and die knowing my wrongs and rights by you...we had our good our bad and our worst. You were the most loyal person I'd ever met. My love for you will never heart aches everytime I realize you are gone.... I cry every time I think of bullshit...