Heart monitor. *Not a cardiac girl, never will be, and I don't have any tattoos either, but this is cute!!

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Keep going...im a lil obsessed with heart beat tattoos because I want one that says Pops in memory of my grandfather that passed away 2 years ago

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Got my first tattoo :) the letters are "M" , "P" , and "B" , standing for "Megan" , "Peter" , and "Brandon" , which are my three siblings in the order of age from oldest to youngest. I love this because my mother designed it and it looks like a heart monitor , because they are what keep me going , just like a heart beat. Everytime i look at my forearm i cant help but smile. I love this so much ; its so simple , yet so meaningful. #tattoo

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January of 2014 I was having quite a lot of heart pauses after a cardiac ablation. The heartbeat is mine from a 24 heart monitor! Anytime I'm feeling down, all I have to do is look down and remind myself I can get through anything. #Tattoo #HeartDisease #IST

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Absolutely love.. Will be getting something similar with my nephew. Personalizing it though.

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Heart Monitor. I kind of like this, but on the fence about it's professionalism. I probably will not, but it's still cool.

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