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Heartbeat Tattoos

I like these only I would customize it for me Having a heart flow mummur is something ill have the rest of my life. May something like still beating

Arrow Tattoo Meaning | Arrow tattoo meaning: an arrow can only be shot forward by being ...

Sweet idea. A tattoo of your child's heartbeat.

  • Christine Bradshaw

    Politely, I may add, without insulting people with disabilities. You may want to learn something from her example.

  • Christine Bradshaw

    No one was being rude until you started comparing Internet arguments to the Special Olympics, which is extremely insulting to the athletes who compete and win in those games. Second, whether this image is of a sound wave or a heartbeat is not a matter of opinion. It's like claiming that, in my opinion, San Diego is the capital of California. I may believe it but my belief doesn't make it true. As a medical professional, Abby corrected an incorrect caption pertaining to medicine.

  • Hayley Livermore


  • Christine Bradshaw

    Anyone who feels the need to capitalize every word automatically loses the argument.

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Watercolor Tattoo Artist In Cancun Mexico. Watercolor Feather. Tatooed By@javiwolf

White ink heartbeat tattoo. There is a website that can change words into a sound wave. Like this with a sound wave instead of heartbeat

disney heartbeat | Tattoo | Pinterest

Mother/Daughter Tattoos | The daughter wrote, “She’s the only one who has felt my heartbeat from the inside, the one I want to be like when I’m older, and occasionally my carbon-copy. There is no comparison to a mother’s love. God just so happened to give me mine in the form of a best friend. ♥ I love you, mom. Always and forever.”

EKG heartbeat tattoo with pink heart "love" ♥

Arrow Through The Heartbeat Necklace by EvaMeshCreations on Etsy, $39.99

Have your baby's first heart beat tattooed

My fav tattoo I have ❤️ my sons name with his heartbeat and his bday

  • Victoria B

    With p and t waves like that I would strongly incur sum ting wong

  • Ruth Agnew

    Very nice. Who cares that its not a real cardiac rhythm! You can understand the meaning.

  • M H

    That's great except that's not a real cardiac rhythm

10 Perfectly Tiny Tattoos You Can Cover or Show at Will (PHOTOS) | The Stir

fabulous upper back red heart & heartbeat tattoo quotes - faith quotes

This is one of my favorite sayings. I almost got the heartbeat tattooed on my arm to remind me of this. I'm alive! There will be ups & downs..

FAITH LOVE HOPE heartbeat tattoo InknArt Temporary by InknArt

Baby's first heartbeat leading into their name, I love this idea! Not a tattoo though

heartbeat tattoo - Google Search

Memorial tattoo ~ My Dad's last heartbeat and date he passed.

sis heart and heartbeat tattoo on foot | perfect sister I am not … but thankful for the one I’ve got

Want this in white ink on my foot but instead of the heart at the end I would like it to spell faith

Heartbeat tattoo with an infinity symbol in the middle. So perfect. ♥ #infinite #tattoo

Heartbeat tattoo... maybe baby's first? Adorable!

Heartbeat tattoo/ placement