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The Tank Mask became necessary during this war as a way to protect the men driving the tanks from splinters of hot metal created by bullets hitting their tank. The masks were worn to protect their faces in the heat of battles.

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Top 30 World’s Weirdest Hotels … Never Seen Before

Top 30 World’s Weirdest Hotels … Never Seen Before! ... Icehotel This unique hotel is found in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. It is the most suitable place for spending your summer holiday and keeping away from the heat of the sun. It is the largest ice hotel in the world. It is not only the hotel that is made of ice and snow as the beds are also made from the same substances. You will stay at a temperature of minus 5 °C. The hotel melts and is reconstructed every year using hundreds of tons of ice…


Why Guest Service Doesn't Have to be a Four Letter Word: Why Customer Service Doesn't Have to be a Four Let...

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Freshwater Pearl Ring

Krabi, Thailand


In a world of cookie-cutter fashion, we stand for individuality. In a world that prizes power, we stand for empowerment. In a world of closed doors, we strive to open them. We are Sistaco. A brand run by women, for women. We offer a unique range of jewellery designs with a point of difference. We aren’t driven by trends, but help women embrace their own sense of style.


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How To: Beat the Heat for Cheap with These Five DIY Sprinklers

How To Build An Easy DIY Hoop-Style