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I waited until my beetroot colouring calmed down a bit to take the obligatory post-race selfie. What a race. So very very hot and sunny... when you sign up for a Scottish race you don't expect this weather! I often felt sick and wanted to stop but I somehow kept going and did it in 58'31". Slowest of the four 10k races I've done but I really don't care. I'm just delighted I finished and survived. #greatwomens10k #running #race #thisgirlcan #glasgow #heatwave #selfie #smallbeetrootwoman

First training low pace ( 3 x 2.5 KM #run and 30 secs rest) after holiday with the kids and first training since last race in #boulognesurmer due to issue with right knee this time. . So I'm running with knee patellar component now at the right knee. From the left to the right... 😏. . Running through the #heatwave ( #canicule ) in the 7 Valleys #France was nice as training though. . #runner #hautsdefrance #7Vallees #runners #runnersworld #RunItFast #runtastic #instarun #igers…

International Mud Day raceThousands of athletes got covered in... International Mud Day race Thousands of athletes got covered in mud as they celebrated International Mud Day running a 13-kilometer obstacle course on a sunny Saturday with heatwave-like temperatures up to a 29 degrees Celsius (around 84 degrees Fahrenheit) The Mud Day race was held under the slogan “running is not enough” and drew many people eager to navigate a slippery course that included tunnels, dunes and ev..

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Three Ways to Safely Run in a Heat Wave

Three Ways to Safely Run in a Heat Wave | Runner's World. Some good ideas, but I don't believe in dreadmills. I'll adjust accordingly before I'll run indoors.


Shut Up + Run: How to Run in the Heat and Not DieAdjust your pace. Slow the heck down. Ideal running temperatures range from 50º-55º. For every five degrees above that, your performance can degrade 2%. This means that if you are running in 75º heat, your pace could slow up to 10%! Humidity might make it even worse. Don’t expect you can or will perform the same in the heat (from a study done at Team Oregon).


Philadelphia-Color-Run Not really sure how I feel about getting paint in my hair though. Goal is to run as much as possible

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