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Hecate Goddess

Hecate is the Greek goddess of the crossroads. She is most often depicted as having three heads; one of a dog, one of a snake and one of a horse. She is usually seen with two ghost hounds that were said to serve her. Hecate is most often mispercepted as the goddess of witchcraft or evil, but she did some very good things in her time. Hecate is said to haunt a three-way crossroad, each of her heads facing in a certain direction.


Summoning Hecate one of the most powerful of the Goddesses. Carian origins but beloved by Zeus so much so that she is granted power in each stage of the greek world. The underworld, earth and sky.

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November 16 is The Night of Hecate

The Greek Goddess Hecate represents the third aspect of the Goddess, the Crone. She is known as the goddess of witches, of magic, the dark of the moon, and the depths of the underworld. Of all the Goddesses, only Hecate could grant or refuse anything asked by mortals. She is the voice of wisdom, divination & dreams.