Heel fissures: when the dryness goes too far and you're at risk of infection from cracked heels, we can help #podatrist #missoula #montana

I had heel fissures, sometimes they were quite rough and could be painful, I managed to fix them, and now my skin on my feet is as soft and supple as my 12 year old daughters.

Cracked heels may also be referred to as heel fissures and this is a very common problem. In most cases, this is purely a cosmetic issue that does not cause...

Your feet reflect your health and your personality. A person loses her/his charm because of unkempt feet. Cracked feet, also known as heel fissures, are a...

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Those cracks in your heel’s skin are commonly known as heel fissures. Heel fissures develop as the skin becomes excessively dry and when the thick and brittle calluses on the heels of your feet become aggravated. Walking or standing in one place puts pressure on our heels, causing small cracks to open up within your epidermal layer of your skin. http://www.greathomeremedies.com/crackedheels.html

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Heel Fissures: A Guide to Treatment and Prevention - Treat Plantar Fasciitis

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