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"Heil Honey I'm Home" - A sitcom about Adolf Hitler was taken off the air after the first episode

Heil Honey I'm Home Home, the horrendous sitcom about Hitler that got cancelled after one episode. So horribly hilarious


Must-see British sitcom from 1990, the only episode of the series to see the light of day. This is hilarious, and nowhere near as offensive as it possibly could have been. No anti-Semitic references or anything. Humor is a powerful weapon against hate, something that seems to be completely lost on today's world.

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15 TV Shows That Were Canceled After Only One Episode

Canceled After Only One Episode - Heil Honey I'm Home! In what one critic described as "perhaps the world's most tasteless situation comedy," Heil Honey I'm Home! featured Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun moving in to an apartment next door to a pair of Jewish neighbors. Can you believe it was met with universal outrage?! Needless to say, Heil Honey only aired for one episode, and all future episodes were cancelled (and hopefully destroyed) immediately. The premiere, though, lives on through…

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Heil Honey I'm Home: The Nazi-Themed Sitcom Canceled After One Episode

From the what-were-they-thinking files - Heil Honey I'm Home: The Nazi-Themed Sitcom Canceled After One Episode | Mental Floss | history, pop culture, TV.


Heil Honey I'm Home! - A Whimsical Hitler Sitcom – RageBear

There was a show in the 90′s that depicted Hitler and Eva Braun living next to a jewish couple. It was called “Heil Honey I’m Home”.