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Help Finding A Job

from Acorns and Lemonade

How to Find a Job That Fits with your Dream Life

Far too often we are concerned with the job we are going to have, only to realise that the job we have limits our life in some way or another. I propose planning a life first, and finding a job second. Plus a FREE printable to help you with your search! // Acorns and


Staves for a new job. To help finding a new job, and to aid during a job interview. FULL description at


The Hidden Job Market - How to Find a Job that Isn't Advertised Experts estimate that over half the available jobs aren't advertised. Learn how to find and apply for them.


Company Culture is the overall atmosphere within your office. It's what makes people love (or hate) their jobs. What is your company doing in order to make sure they have a kick ass company culture? We're working on a way to gamify the office experience to create a better company culture for offices of all sizes and finding a fun way to recognize employees, learn more at

from Levo League

How to Find a Job in Another City

Such great tips. Would've been super helpful when I moved to New York :)

from Real Ways to Earn

Companies You've Heard of That Hire Remote Workers

Do you feel more comfortable applying for work from home jobs with companies you've heard of? Then this list should help! It's a big list of companies that are more or less household names that DO have work from home jobs.


Are you having trouble finding a job? Let Feng Shui help you! Read here. #fengshui #fengshuijob

from Levo League

How to Find a Job in Another City

How to Find a Job in Another City

from Mashable

The major key to finding a job that you love

@mashbusiness and several career experts participated in a #BizChats Twitter chat, to discuss how to the most important factors behind finding a job that you love.

from Religion & Spirituality

Think You're Cursed or Hexed? Here's How to Break the Spell!

How to Break a Curse or HexMany people use poppets, or magical dolls, in spellwork as a tool of offense. You can create a poppet to represent people you’d like to heal or bring good fortune to, help find a job, or to protect. However, the poppet can also be used as a defensive tool. Create a poppet to represent yourself - or whoever the victim of the curse is - and charge the poppet with the task of taking on the damage in your place.This is actually pretty simple. Follow the instructions…