Rosette Style Badges - Vintage Hen House

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Teapot succulent planter - Found this teapot at a garage sale and planted some hens & chicks along with some Athoum sedum. I attached the plastic crystals to the inside of the pot by attaching the string with outdoor silicone. After watering, the excess water runs out the spout, so no need for drainage holes. DML 5/2014

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Drop vent to increase ventilation in coop or shut it during bad weather.

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Barred Plymouth Rock, one of the all-time favorite US breeds, prolific layers of brown eggs and not discouraged by cold weather.

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Pond for chickens and ducks ...

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signs for the chicken coop | ... SALE SIGN Plaque chicken hen poultry egg carton boxes coop house run

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Up-cycled Playhouse Chicken Coops - Kids outgrown their playhouse? Spray-paint the exteriors, covered the floor with linoleum flooring, secured the houses to the pallets with L brackets, caulk spaces that would leak or allow a draft, insert two roosts, cover the windows with chicken wire, and cut out part of the door for the ramp. Total cost for each was around $30.00!

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The large nesting box allows you to easily collect your eggs in a matter of minutes without disturbing your flock. There are 3 cosy areas which will allow your hens the perfect place to lay, ensuring that you are rewarded with a constant and fresh supply every morning

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