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Henry III was a monarch of the House of Valois who was elected the monarch of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1573 to 1575 and ruled as King of France from 1574 until his death. He was the last French monarch of the Valois dynasty.


Henry IV (13 December 1553 – 14 May 1610),also known by the epithet "Good King Henry",King of Navarre (as Henry III) from 1572 to 1610 and King of France from 1589 to 1610.He was the first French monarch of the House of Bourbon.Baptised as a Catholic but raised in the Protestant faith by his mother Jeanne d'Albret,Queen of Navarre, he inherited the throne of Navarre in 1572 on the death of his mother. As a Huguenot, Henry was involved in the French Wars of Religion...


Fontevraud Abbey is a religious building near Chinon, in Anjou, France. It was founded by Robert of Arbrissel, who had just created a new order, the Order of Fontevrault. The abbey was founded in 1100 and became a double monastery, with both monks and nuns on the same site. The first permanent structures were built between 1110 and 1119. It closed in 1792 and was a prison from 1804-1963. It became a cultural center in 1975.


Catherine de' Medici, daughter of Lorenzo II de' Medici and of Madeleine de La Tour d'Auvergne, was a Franco/Italian noblewoman who was Queen consort of France from 1547 until 1559, as the wife of King Henry II of France. Born: April 13, 1519, Florence Died: January 5, 1589, Château de Blois Spouse: Henry II of France (m. 1533) Children: Charles IX of France, Henry III of France, Parents: Lorenzo II, Duke of Urbino, Madeleine de la Tour d'Auvergne. Wikipedia


Henry II of France, husband of Catherine de Medici, and Father-in-law of Mary Queen of Scots.


CA' GRIMANI, VENICE~ was the home of Domenico Grimani and his nephew Giovanni, who in the 16th century gave the city two museums. The palazzo was also home to Domenico’s father, Antonio Grimani, who became Doge in 1521 to 1523. ~ Once one of the most famous residence-museums in Europe, King Henry III of France visited in 1573. The Grimanis were important patrons of contemporary art. Their collections embraced Venetian painters like Giorgione, Titian, Veronese, Jacopo Bassano and Tintoretto.


Before death and desecration: Henry IV of France -- Good King Henry rose to the throne in 1589 when his cousin, Henry III of France, was assassinated by a fanatical Catholic monk. Used to be friendly with Elizabeth I -- until he converted to Catholicism. He is almost always shown in armour.


Upton House & Gardens

Martin Ruze de Beaulieu (c.1526-1613) King's Secretary under Henry III of France, Henry IV of France and Louis XIII. Portrait of Frans Pourbus the younger, 1612

Anne of Russia or Anna Yaroslavna was the princess from The Rurik dynasty and the 1st queen of France to serve as regent.She brought the Byzantine name'Philip'to France and 5 French kings were named so.She brought the most ancient part of Reims Gospel,a richly illustrated manuscript,which became part of theReims Cathedral treasury. Henry III of France and several of his successors including Louis XIV took their oath on it.Anna wears a Russian suit of her time in the picture I chose for this…