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A biography of the Revolutionary War general who served George Washington as a military tactician, advocated for the Constitution and later served as Secretary of War. Available from Marion County Public Library.


Henry Knox: Self-made Man, Patriot and Entrepreneur Henry Knox was an ordinary man who rose to face extraordinary circumstances. He was born into poverty in Boston in 1750. He left Boston Latin Grammar School at a young age to apprentice to a bookbinder, helping to support his widowed mother and younger brother. He eventually worked his way to opening his own bookshop in Boston at the age of 21, little suspecting the important role that he would play in the birth of our nation.


Henry Knox was one of the most able men in the US Army during the revolution. He was a bookseller who trained himself on military topics. He led the greatest logistics expedition of the war when he transported 60 ton of cannon from Ft Ticonderoga to Boston in mid winter, with no roads and few men. The cannon caused the British to leave Boston. He organized Washington's x-mas assualt on Trenton, crossing the river at night withoug a single loss. Later, he formed West Point and Annapolis…


Reading '1776' by David McCullough. I never knew what an important hero of the American Revolution Henry Knox was.

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15 Incredible, Almost Unbelievable Facts About Oklahoma

6. There were actually six tribes that walked the Trail of Tears. One tribe, Chipachawamie, died of famine early on. The tribe was small and only consisted of about 1,000 members. Those that survived were accepted into the Choctaw tribe. For whatever reason, this is largely ignored by history books.

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Washington's Artilleryman: Major General Henry Knox

Washington's Artilleryman: Major General Henry Knox: Major General Henry Knox

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