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    King Henry VIII was born on this day 28th June, 1491. King of England and second son of Henry VII he married six times, beheaded two wives, broke away from the Catholic Church to form the Church of England, executed Catholics who failed to recognize the church and executed Protestants who complained that he should execute more Catholics, yet he still managed to remain a popular King

    Many of us are already aware of how awesome Margaret Beaufort was -- "There are 14 angels in the ceiling of Manchester Cathedral, each of them playing a different medieval instrument. They are said to have been donated by Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII..."

    Margaret Beaufort, Mother of Henry VII, Grandmother of Henry VIII by lisby1, via Flickr

    Henry VII. He was the founder of the Tudor dynasty, father of Henry VIII. He killed King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, then married Richard's niece Elizabeth.

    Henry VIII: Lover or Tyrant? Did He Love His Six Wives? (Portrait of King Henry VIIl, by Hans Holbein, the younger) | Excellent article (click through).

    Henry VII. After taking the throne, king Henry VII disarmed the nobility, a maneuver essential for consolidation and restoration of royal authority. The infamous Star Chamber was revived. He kept his promise to marry Elizabeth of York, thereby affirming his legitimacy. She bore him eight children, including the future King Henry VIII. An Historical Figure of England, Tudor Dynasty.

    Henry VIII Artifacts | ... , the scepter and the orb were commonly associated with Henry VII

    Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, heir to the throne of England, son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, brother of Mary, Margaret, and Henry VIII. Married to Catherine of Aragon in 1501, died in 1502. hemmahoshilde.wor... <--- You're welcome to read more about Catherine of Aragon on my blog :).

    Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland, daughter of Henry VII and sister to King Henry VIII. Her husband was James IV, King of Scotland. Grandmother to Mary, Queen of Scots. 1st Cousin

    Tomb of Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth of York Parents of King Henry VIII in Westminster Abbey | King Henry VII's queen, Elizabeth of York (1466-1503), with daughters Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary, and, Catherine | Only Margaret and Mary survived childhood.

    King Henry VII (1485-1509). House of Tudor. 13th great-grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II. Reign: 23 yrs, 7 mos, 28 days. Successor: Son, Henry VIII. Historical events during reign: Christopher Columbus crosses the Atlantic; John Cabot discovers Newfoundland, Canada which he though was Asia and claimed it for England. Henry VII's daughter married James IV of Scotland giving James' descendants a claim to the English throne. Henry VII died at age 52.

    Don't see many images of Henry VIII as a baby, do you? Well, here he is. Oh, those beady little eyes he was so infamous for...

    Henry VII (Tudor) - // BASTARD. The villain who pulled off the world's biggest slander campaign ever.

    Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, parents of Henry VIII. Their marriage united the Houses of York and Lancaster. Her parents were King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. By marrying into the "enemie's" family, Henry hoped to instill unity and acceptance.

    The six wives of King Henry VIII back to life : Catherine of Aragon. Photography: Milena Murawska, model: Katarzyna Maciejewska

    Margaret Beaufort, the mother of Henry VII and grandmother of Henry VIII. She gave birth to her only child when she was only 13, and dedicated her life to making him king. Despite her clothes, she was a hard woman who ruled the royal household with an iron fist, even after her son was married.