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Henry Weir Great Britain

The Dining Hall at Hever Castle, once the great hall of the Boleyns. Our welcome dinner will be hosted here (Six Wives tour 2013).


Henry Weir of Great Britain celebrates a Great Britain goal as Nick Wilson of New Zealand looks dejected during the men's pool A match…


"There was no head in his kingdom so noble but he wouldn't make it fly". This is what we know Henry VIII for, apart from his multiple marriages. But this book shows that there was so much more to this king, who undoubtedly was one of the most fascinating rulers in European history.


The Anne Boleyn Papers: Elizabeth Norton: Books-• First-ever collection of all of Anne Boleyn’s letters and the contemporary writings about her. • ‘A very useful compilation of source material on Anne Boleyn… a well-produced book’ ALISON WEIR • Huge interest in the wives of Henry VIII, and in Anne Boleyn in particular.