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George PINNER, Dan FOX, Barry MIDDLETON, Ashley JACKSON, Simon MANTELL, Nick CATLIN, Alastair BROGDON, Michael HOARE, Phil ROPER, Adam DIXON, Iain LEWERS, Henry WEIR, Harry MARTIN, David CONDON, Mark GLEGHORNE, Ollie WILLARS [Bronze], [Men's hockey] England

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Henry VIII: Lover or Tyrant? Did He Love His Six Wives?

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"The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn" by Alison Weir solely focuses on the weeks leading up to Anne's execution, & more specifically, why & how the court case was built against her & the 5 men accused & convicted along w/her. Weir's research & analysis reveal intriguing information not presented in other books, concerning Henry VIII's level of involvement in the case against Anne, Cromwell's machinations, the juror's loyalties, the reputation of the 5 men accused, & Anne's final…


Children of Henry VIII by Alison Weir