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Growing Hens and Chicks {Succulents}

Tips and tricks for growing hens and chicks - replanting some of these beauties from my parents!

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Hens And Chicks Flower Care – What To Do When My Hens And Chicks Are Flowering

Hens and Chicks Flowers: Do Hens And Chicks Plants Bloom - Hens and chicks have old-time charm and unbeatable hardiness. These little succulents are known for their sweet rosette form and numerous offsets or “chicks.” But do hens and chicks plants bloom? Find the answer in this article.

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Make a Living Succulent Picture

Wonderful idea for succulents. Create a picture frame planter. Ask Diane for details at Down to Earth Greenhouse.

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Hens And Chicks Plants: How To Grow Hens And Chicks

Growing Hens And Chicks – Using Hen And Chicks In Your Garden

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7 Easy Spring Planting Ideas from our New Book

Need a quick centerpiece for a patio table? Just show off in a cluster of tightly packed rosettes of hen
and chicks (Sempervivum tectorum) in small pots. The plant in the foreground grows in just enough soil to fill a 4-inch nursery pot, with small stones packed around it. The plants get a little gentle irrigation in the summer. DESIGN Tish Treherne. - See more at:

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More Garden Containers You Never Thought Of…

Hens and Chick's planted in vintage chicken feeder.

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Can Hen and Chicks Plants Be Kept Inside?

HOUSEPLANTS :: Hens & Chicks (Sempervivum sp.) are hardy succulents that can thrive in indoor temps. CARE: Use broad flat bowls. Spr/Sum: 65-80 deg. w/ high-phosphorus fert. 2x/wk; Aut/Win: 65-75 deg. w/ reg strength fert. Yr-round bright light w/ occasional direct sunlight in summer (More sunlight brings out the red color), use cactus/succulent soil or add sand (& gravel, even) to regular soil for drainage & to mimic natural habitat. Keep soil slightly moist. Let dry btwn watering in…