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I don't think you quite understand how great of a picture this is, because the rule of thirds is almost perfect, there is a lot of detail, and the background doesn't distract from the picture. The lighting is great and what shadows are there would not take off from the photo. This had to be a winning shot. State fair ribbon for sure.


Hereford Hog Herefords are adaptable and thrive both in outdoor operations and under confinement systems. They also do well in a wide variety of climates. The hogs are known for their quiet and docile dispositions, making them an excellent choice for young people. The breed is a-ppropriate for 4-H projects because it combines market conformation with a strikingly attractive appearance.


Mini cows for meat and milk NOTE: I did not originally pin this, however, I would like to pass on some words of wisdom. I have seen numerous pins praising Dexter cows: my aunt raised them and said they eat as much as regular sized cows, they don't milk well and they do not produce hardly any meat because of their bone structure; there is a reason why they haven't caught on so please research!


How to Teach a Dog to Herd Cattle

How to Teach a Dog to Herd Cattle & Do herding dogs automatically know how to herd?