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Explorer Game for Two Players

The twelve included explorers are as follows: Leif Erikson, Marco Polo, Bartolomeu Dias, Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, Amerigo Vespucci, Vasco Nuñez de Balboa, Ferdinand Magellan, Juan de Ponce de León, Hernando de Soto, Francisco Coronado, and Jacques Cartier.


Hernando de Soto, a brave leader, a skilled fighter and an excellent strategist, was the first European to discover the Mississippi River. Author Jeff C. Young relates tales of de Soto's bravery—and his brutality—as he set out to make a name for himself exploring Central America and helping fellow Spaniard Francisco Pizarro conquer Peru.


Age of Exploration: Passages (Vol. 1)

EASY: Integrate Social Studies with ELA! 18 nonfiction leveled texts total (6 texts on three levels – below grade level, on grade level, and above grade level) related to the Age of Exploration. Each passage includes Common Core comprehension printables. Included The Age of Exploration Texts: *Christopher Columbus *Hernando de Soto *Ferdinand Magellan *Navigational Technology *Land Bridge Theory *Special Section* Exploration by Country - Spain, Portugal, France, The Netherlands and England