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Joseph Campbell's Mythology

Hero's Journey in three stories. (Star Wars takes place in the past. "Long ago in a galaxy far far away...")

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The 12 Stages Of A Hero's Journey, Animated

With most stories, there's a predictable path for the protagonist to follow. This animation explains how authors craft and evolve characters' storylines.

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Deconstructing the Heroic

This blogger nails the criticism of Campbell's monomyth in writing. The problem is not Campbell, but that his profound exploration of the human experience has been degraded into a "cookbook" for writing fiction. Critics who don't understand this are too lazy or too myopic to understand the monomyth's power and scope. Criticism is easy; true understanding is not.

from David R. Jolly

Joseph Campbell’s 17 Stages of the Hero’s Journey

Joseph Campbell describes the journey hero's take in stories, but I believe that we all can learn something from these stages. I hold this belief because we all should be the hero in our own lives ...