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*insert depressed Pepe face*

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Can we just talk about this for a minute. This is from chapter 177 of the Hetalia manga and this shows how kinda jealous Canada and America are of each others personalities! I think this proves many head cannons so SEND IT FORWARD

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I saw this and said, most points are right for the 2nd part, but why can't swiss people be lovers? I mean I'm a little swiss and i can love if i wanted to.

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Axis Powers Hetalia 2011 Halloween event comic.

America, Finland, Hetalia ((Can someone let me know if this is official or not?))

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YES! ITS HETALIA!--- @TheJuniorCritic @Clanjack Farlo @Pippin hey pssst.....WANNA BUY SOME....NARCOTICS!? *winks*

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