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How to Overwinter a Hibiscus Tree

Hardy hibiscus, no matter what their name, require a winter rest in northern climates, but hibiscus trees require temperatures no lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit to continue growing and blooming. ...


Braided Hibiscus Care – How To Form A Hibiscus Braided Tree


This fuchsia petunia is also from the Vista series. Though the pink hibiscus standards are the star of the show, the small petunias add lots of texture and volume. The hibiscus trees are weighted visually at the bottom.


Hardy Rose Hibiscus Tree. Drought resistant. Not soil picky. Full sun or part shade. $19.95 per tree. ( These would be pretty on the West side of my home)

Planting Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is actually a variety of hibiscus, which is native to Indian subcontinent and other Asian countries. Planting rose of sharon is possible in variety of zones as it is adaptable to multiple climates.


How to Care for a Perennial Hibiscus Tree Year Round

How to Care for a Perennial Hibiscus Tree Year Round

Hibiscus plants are typically divided into two categories, perennial and tropical. Tropical hibiscus plants are either brought indoors during cold weather or are treated as annuals, because of their ...