Hidden Swimming Pools

This is an amazing idea! A "hidden pool" that can adjust to several depths or when hidden becomes a patio. No worries about someone sneaking into your pool or being too deep for younger kids.

hidden indoor swimming pool-My parents always told my sister & i that there was a hidden pool in out living room... Maybe they were right! Lol

Magic Floor Pool

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This pool is awesome. Hidden pools. The ground moves up and down. Can be the cover for a patio. And have different depths: A wadding pool for children, and paddling pool/spa depth, and big pool/ cannon ball depth. Floor/cover moves in 2 minutes.

Hidden Water Pool. SO freakin cool, turns into a patio... safer and more practical for cold weather months!

Amazing Secret / Hidden Swimming Pool - A Creative Engineering By AGOR - YouTube

Hidden swimming pools. So cool!!

The Westin Maui Resort and Spa pool was voted Best Pool on Maui & Second Best Pool in North America by Trip Advisor Readers. Enjoy an 87,000 square-foot pool area overlooking the Pacific Ocean featuring five swimming pools, two water slides, a swim-through grotto with twin waterfalls and a hidden whirlpool. Among the pool area you notice exotic wildlife and art collections.

Ideas for hidden swimming-pool | Wanneer we de loterij winnen.............. ;-)

Hidden pools that can go from 1" to 6'

Solid floors give way to reveal hidden swimming pool underneath.

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Israeli engineering company Agor has created a hidden adjustable swimming pool with moveable floors. The pools are equipped with hydraulics that raise and lower the floors.

One of the most exclusive invites is to the Hefner mansion for one of the amazing parties and a dip in the grotto-styled swimming pool. Its hidden alcoves are infamous, and you can be sure some babies to the stars have been made in the infamous dive.

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Pool that transforms into a patio! Can even change the depth of the pool! Awesome!

Secret Room- Indoor Swimming Pool. I'm sure this is the world's most expensive pool, but it's still pretty to look at.

Walk on Water: Hydro-Floors Hide Secret Swimming Pools

Swimming pool "Grotto" underneath the waterfall...

Want a swimming pool but don't have the space? There are a few ingenious solutions – solid floor submerses to reveal pool with push of a button. This beauty is from Invisipools (previously Hidden Water Pools).

Bedroom cupboard with hidden waterslide to indoor swimming pool,This bedroom has a hidden waterside leading to a spectacular indoor pool! I'm not sure the owner of this house could be any more fun. www. service central .com by Brodie Norris runs Lunchbox Architect, a website featuring one exceptional, architect-designed family home every weekday. Check out what's in the www. lunchbox architect.com today March 2015

Designed by Weir Phillips Architects, this unusual apartment is located in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia. A swimming pool integrated into the living room is what make it so unique. The whole room looks like some outdoor area thanks to suspended BBQ appliances and outdoor-like furniture. The cool thing is that this room isn’t large like those swimming pool rooms you can find in luxury homes. The pool itself is covered with a glass surface you can walk on where there is nobody in it.

Le Chateau de L'Amour - Sharla - Picasa Web Albums - hot tub in a cave hidden by a waterfall and swimming pool