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Hiding router/cable box with fake books. Fantastic idea!

Hiding TV cables

How to hide the cords from the hanging projector in our bedroom. I can chose a fun fabric that contrasts with the headboard and adds a nice splash of color to our room!

Fiscally Chic: Hiding TV Cords and Cables // off center your hanging TV power supply! genius.

hiding flat screen tv cables with powerbridge: www.amazon.com/...

How to Hang a TV and Not See the Cords with step by step instructions....ALSO FIND THE EASIEST WAY TO HIDE THE CABLE BOX FOR LESS THAN $1!!

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How to hide TV cables

Simple trim with big impact Hide tv, cable, Internet cords if you can't drill through fireplace brick.

hiding cables at an apartment where you probably shouldn't be making extra holes in the wall

my husband found this...lets you hide all the ugly tv equipment and cable box and just hook this sensor to back of tv!

Dropping a TV power cord through your wall isn’t “to code”. To do this project to code you will need a Power Bridge Total Solution Flat Panel In-Wall Power and Cable Management Kit. They are around $50 at Amazon and are very easy to install. Order one here.

How to Hide Your TV cables

Mount cable box behind tv with command strips!!

10 Sneaky Ways to Hide Household Eyesores on Good Housekeeping - creating a mantel to hide cords

How to Hide Your TV Cables the Hard Way

How to mount your TV outside and hide the cable box and wires behind it

Simple and practical cable hiding solution

Raising up Rubies: simple frame covered with radiator metal to camoflauge tv box and still have remote work.

D-Line 50x25 TV Cable Tidy Cover Wire Hide Trunking 25cm, 50cm, 75cm, 90cm | eBay

How to hide all the electronic cords and cables. Brilliant.

How to Hide the Wires and Cables and Cords Behind the Tv or Computer - could do this using crates.

How to hide tv cables.

television mounting over the fireplace and how to hide cables ... wires are concealed in the wood work they built around the fire place...