Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension)? Looking for a sample meal plan to follow… one that you can follow right now? The 7-Day Diet Plan For High Blood Pressure is a Dietitian-made plan to help make life easier (and more delicious) when learning what you should and should not eat with hypertension. See it here: www.dietvsdisease.org/diet-plan-high-blood-pressure/

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A great way to lower blood-pressure is through diet, here are some amazing foods that help with just that

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PUT DOWN THAT SALT SHAKER. NOW. Want to look thinner in 3 weeks? Detox yourself of salt. Start checking the sodium levels on the ketchup, relish, mustard, pickles, mayonnaise, salad dressing, canned soups, boxed stuffing mixes, etc in your house. Reducing your sodium intake to 1500 mg a day or less will make you less bloated. Easy low-sodium substitutes for cooking. http://www.sheknows.com/health-and-wellness/articles/982429/easy-low-sodium-substitutes-for-cooking

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Eat this, not that, for breakfast. Learn what foods to swap into your breakfast for better health with this infographic from Scripps Health in San Diego. Click for more information: http://www.scripps.org/news_items/4954-eat-this-not-that-for-breakfast?utm_source=social.

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480 mg per serving is too high. The Effects of Sodium on your Health and Appearance

10 Tips to Help You Cut Back; It’s clear that Americans have a taste for salt, but salt plays a role in high blood pressure. Adults age 51 and older, African Americans of any age, and individuals with high blood pressure, diabetes, or chronic kidney disease should reduce their sodium intake to 1,500 mg a day.

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