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The 4 Best High Speed Internet Providers of 2016 -

High Speed Internet Service Providers | Cheap Internet Services


#QATAR #SWD #GREEN2STAY First Published: 2016-12-01 Qatar blocks popular news website Qatar’s internet providers block access to most popular English-language news site Doha News, which published articles earlier this year that might have upset authorities. Middle East Online

Google Fibre:beam super-fast Wi-Fi into your home At Google parent company Alphabet's annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday Chairman Eric Schmidt announced that Google is working on ultra-high-speed internet access that can be beamed directly to consumers' homes. The new technology could allowGoogle(GOOGLTech30)to bypass the extremely high cost of directly connecting physical fiberoptic cables to households and businesses. That process is slow and often involves digging up customers'…

How Cisco certification fuels IT careers


Court Backs Rules Treating Internet as Utility, Not Luxury

An appeals court panel affirmed the Federal Communications Commission’s rules, including the definition of high-speed internet providers as utilities.


Government Authority End to End Encryption The UK has an effective ban on straight-through end-to-end encryption enabling the government a mandate to access backdoors in any technology they deem fit. Pursuant to Article 217 of the draft law on investigative powers determining the Minister of Foreign Affairs with the power to notify technical capacities to telecommunications operators the establishment of a set of obligations of the Minister Concerned a technical capacity notification…

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Exede: The satellite broadband service you've been waiting for?

Satellite Internet broadband, esp. for rural areas -- looks like something alot of people would benefit from -