Ive lost * pounds in 5 days becaus pf protien, not thisdiet but, 60g of protein a day reduce your calories, loose weight! but this is a ,High Protein Foods List for a High Protein Diet

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1.6mg (10% DV) Other Nuts High in Zinc (%DV per ounce): Pine nuts (12%), Pecans (9%), Almonds (6%), Walnuts (6%), Peanuts (6%), and Hazelnut...

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Looking to up your #protein intake? Here's a list of foods that are high in protein! #healthy #fitness

16 of the Highest Protein Foods that Will Help You Lose Weight Find more relevant stuff: victoriajohnson.wordpress.com

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20: Brussels Sprouts http://www.runnersworld.com/protein/the-20-highest-protein-foods-vegetarian-runners-can-eat/slide/1

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Vegetables Highest in Protein Everything in life needs protein to live, and vegetables can be a great source of protein. Below is a ranking of 34 vegetables highest in protein. The servings size for comparison is 100 grams which can be anywhere from half a cup to two cups depending on the weight and water content of the vegetables. The range of protein provided is between 3 - 14 grams per 100 gram serving.

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Spirulina is often deemed the most nutritionally complete of all food supplements, containing a rich supply of nutrients including protein, iron, complex carbs & vitamins A, K, & B complex & is the highest source of B12, essential for nerves & tissue. Reduces allergic reactions from radiation sickness & is rich in GLA, (found in breast milk). It increases stamina & immunity levels in athletes, & its high protein helps build muscle mass. It is the richest beta carotene

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