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The 1st or second highest skydive ever.

Everest Skydive

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New River Gorge Bridge West VA...I would seriously cry the entire way over this, but it would be awesome!

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Red Bull Stratos Jump. Felix Baumgartner has broken the record for the highest ever skydive by jumping out of a balloon from the edge of space. He jumped from 128,097ft (24.2 miles; 39km) and fell for four minutes and 19 seconds reaching a speed of 706mph (1,137km/h).

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Jump off a plane and skydive 29,000 feet above Mount Everest (the highest skydive in the world).

Felix Baumgartner sets the record for highest free fall ever by jumping out of a capsule in the stratosphere and breaking the sound barrier.

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Community Post: Free Fall From Space

Felix Baumgartner will jump 120,000ft - less than 40 miles from SPACE

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