HIGHLAND MINIATURE CATTLE: Farming more to the acre than standard, miniatures are the perfect animal for any sized property. These delightful, genteel animals have a place in everyone’s heart. An even tempered, naturally disease resistant breed, today’s miniatures are more multipurpose than they have ever been during their long existence. Whether for pleasure or investment, miniature highlands are a delight.

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hughhighlander: burp. carrot-eating highland coo via agnes le floch. hugh highlander, highland cow

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I love Highland Cattle. For two months of my life, everyday I got to hand feed two of these lovlies, and it was pure bliss.

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Highland cattle are known as a hardy breed due to the rugged nature of their native Scottish Highlands, with high amounts of rainfall and strong winds. Their hair provides protection in cold winters and their skill in browsing for food enables them to survive in steep mountain regions.

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Thinks everyone is picking on him and keeps the heard stirred up... Highland Cattle *~<3*Jo*<3~*

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