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The Islamic Lunar Calendar, Muslim Calendar or Hijri Calendar and Gregorian Calendar _14

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2017 Islamic Calendar, Islamic Calendar 2017, Hijri 1438 Calendar, Islamic calendar 1438, 1438 Islamic Hijri calendar, 2017 Islamic Holiday Calendar

Hijri calendar 1438

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A4 Islamic Months Free Printable for Kids

Islamic months free printable for kids to learn about the 12 months in the Hijri Calendar (in Arabic & English both). Watercolor rainbow and sky background.

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Hand decorated wooden Ramadan calendar #ramadan #eid #calender #ramadancalendar…

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Islamic Calendar for Children. Make your own Islamic calendar: Inter-changeable date, Islamic months, AH year, 5 daily prayers and Lunar phase. Free Printable.

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This early Persian astrolabe with a geared calendar movement is the oldest geared machine in existence in a complete state. It illustrates an important stage in the development of the various complex astronomical machines from which the mechanical clock derives.

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